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During my 25 years as a professional skydiving athlete and world-renowned coach, I had the honor and privilege to work with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals and teams. My focus was to share the very same processes and systems that I used personally to help my students achieve National and World Championship status just as I had.

One of my life passions has been the pursuit of not only personal excellence but, inspiring individuals to bring out the best in themselves and others creating an incredible team-oriented environment. I would challenge myself to do whatever it took to ensure everyone I worked with not only met, but exceeded their own expectations!

Throughout my career I contemplated if it would be possible to take the very same training systems I used and transform them into helping small business owners and leaders and in doing so, I would enable THEM to transform their business as well as their personal and family’s lives. I believe I have successfully answered that question and am now ready to share this proven, transformational system.

I have built my life around challenging myself and my tribe (team) to take calculated risks, which I believe is part of the spice of life. I use this approach in everything I do and have done, including being an aerial stuntman.

Along with my journey as a professional athlete, I owned and operated a skydiving business where I took it from a $250k company to over $4 million in annual sales. Taking it from a mom and pop operation to one of the worlds most renowned skydiving operations was challenging and very rewarding! The success systems I learned as a professional athlete were the very same ones I applied to my business operations, which resulted in great success.

I am passionately inspired when working with people who recognize life is an ongoing process of learning, and those who are never satisfied with the acceptance of the norm. Personal growth is often uncomfortable; therefore, I encourage embracing the process of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. I know that as life evolves, we all evolve. We are either in a state of growth or a state of decay; there is no middle-ground.

My vision is to positively impact business leaders throughout the country by empowering them with the resources to WIN! This will be accomplished by teaching them how to integrate effective communication, coupled with how to build an effective team environment resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

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